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We Can Get The Deal Done!

Banks are beginning to get a little nervous. I know this because our volume of new deal flow has doubled in the last week. Commercial Capital Limited is one of the largest commercial lending brokers in the Southeastern United States. Whenever I get super busy, the banks get a little nervous. But we are AGGRESSIVELY Lending. If it

We Can Get The Deal Done!2023-02-16T12:48:56+00:00

Secure Act 2.0 Top 10 Provisions

Congress recently enacted landmark retirement legislation known as SECURE ACT 2.0 will incentivize individuals to save for retirement while increasing access to workplace plans. The new law includes several provisions intended to benefit individuals and small business owners. Below is a summary of the Top 10 provisions of Secure Act 2.0: ENHANCEMENT OF TAX CREDITS

Secure Act 2.0 Top 10 Provisions2023-02-14T10:36:49+00:00

3 Common Causes of Car Lubrication Problems

This article will discuss 3 common causes of car lubrication problems.  Car experts say that changing engine oil every 5,000 kilometers is outdated and that modern engine oil can last longer at around 10,000 to 24,000 kilometers. However, this doesn't hold true for all vehicles. Even if you don't drive your car very often, you

3 Common Causes of Car Lubrication Problems2023-01-30T00:42:41+00:00
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