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Forest Hills & Oak Hill!

Forest Hills & Oak Hill!


WELCOME TO Forest Hills/Oak Hill


Forest Hills

Oak Hill

CITY OF Forest Hills

Forest Hills is a small residential city in southwest Davidson County, along the northern border of Williamson County. It is located between the suburbs of Belle Meade and Oak Hill. The city is almost exclusively residential with no commercial development. High-density housing is prohibited. Forest Hills zoning requires that the city be residential only and prohibits all commercial and industrial interests within the city.

The U.S. Army built the Natchez Trace to connect Nashville with Natchez, Mississippi, from 1802 to 1809. The Trace was included in at least three different routes in Davidson County, two of which ran through Forest Hills. A recent study identifies one of the main routes along either side of Hillsboro Pike. The City’s Bison Meadow Park is sited on a terminal branch of the Trace.

Dry-stack stone walls in Forest Hills played a valuable role in the lives of residents centuries ago, marking public turnpikes, property lines, and treasured family cemeteries. Today, the city has more than four miles of rock walls and fences, some of which date back to the early 1800s.

Forest Hills was developed as a suburb of Nashville in the wake of the post-World War II population and economic boom. Nashville has enjoyed prosperity and growth during the past several decades, which is reflected in the development of Forest Hills. Since 1970, hundreds of dwellings have been built in Forest Hills, and the community no longer retains many tracts of open space or farmland.

Residents pay no property taxes to the City of Forest Hills; its funds come primarily from a share of the taxes imposed by the state of Tennessee. The city offers several opportunities for outdoor activities. Bison Meadow is a wildflower park on Hillsboro Pike. The Bikeway extends 1.5 miles from Percy Priest Elementary to Radnor Lake. The school’s playground is open to residents during non-school hours.

Forest Hills borders two major Metro Nashville parks. Radnor Lake’s 1,200 acres comprise forests and hiking trails surrounding a tranquil lake. The Warner Parks includes a nature center, hiking trails, picnic areas, and more. A third park, Aaittafama’, will be created around the site of a fifteenth-century village.

CITY OF Oak Hill

Oak Hill is a suburb of Nashville. Located in Davidson County, it is bounded by Old Hickory Boulevard on the south, Woodmont Boulevard on the north, and I-65 on the east. The western border includes General Bate Drive in the northwest, Granny White Pike in the midsection, and Bright Hour Farm on Old Hickory Boulevard in the southwest.

It is one of the best places to live in Tennessee. Living in Oak Hill offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes. The city is a hidden jewel just south of downtown Nashville. The city encompasses 8 square miles with about 1,800 homes. Its residents are drawn to the exclusive single-family zoning and low-density housing on large, tree-filled lots. In Oak Hill, there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The public schools in Oak Hill are above average.

Oak Hill is the perfect haven for people who enjoy peace, quiet, and privacy after a long day at work. Most of the homes are on lots of about one acre. Its zoning regulations state that no businesses are to operate within the City limits, and all churches and schools function under “conditional use permits” granted by the Board of Zoning Appeals. Oak Hill is really safe, and residents are just about as rich as you’ll see in the Nashville metro area.

The low density and exclusively residential zoning of Oak Hill is the purest ideal of a suburban bedroom community. There are no neighborhoods this close to the urban core of Nashville that is anywhere near as private or serene. For excellent restaurants and world-class shopping, the Mall at Green Hills is just 5-10 minutes away, and all the excitement of the more urban parts of Nashville is just a short drive up Interstate 65.

Oak Hill is also where the Tennessee Governor’s Mansion is located. While this three-story Georgian-style mansion serves as the home of the state’s governor and his family. Oak Hill is part of the Hillsboro public school cluster and The area is rich with private schools, too. Within Oak Hill, there is Franklin Road Academy, Father Ryan High School, and Oak Hill School.

Oak Hill also contains one of south Nashville’s most notable natural attractions — Radnor Lake State Natural Area, which boasts 1,258 acres of scenic wetland wilderness views and passive recreational activities like hiking, birdwatching, and nature photography. Another way to get close to nature is to visit the Nashville Zoo at Grasmere, which is located east of Oak Hill, across Interstate 65.

Forest Hills FACTS

  • Population: 12,258

  • Median home value:  $853,000

  • Per capita property taxes: $4,521 (Base on Median Home Value)

  • Median Rent:   $3,234

  • Median household income:  $203,056

  • Avg. Cost of Living: $3,492 per month

  • Top Schools in Forest Hills:

    • Private: Ensworth School, Franklin Road HS, Battleground HS 
    • Public: MNPS Middle College HS, KIPP Nashville Collegiate HS
  • Top 5 Restaurants in Forest Hills: Santo, Greek Café Grill, True Food Kitchen, Pei Wei Asian Kitchen, Ginza


Oak Hill FACTS

  • Population:  4,587

  • Median home value: $694,100

  • Per capita property taxes: 4,789 (Base on Median Home Value)

  • Median Rent:  $2,059

  • Median household income: $99,334

  • Avg. Cost of Living: $2,328

  • Top Schools in Oakhill:

    • Private: Farther Ryan HS, Franklin Road Academy, Benton Hall School
    • Public: John Overton HS
  • Top 5 Restaurants in Oak Hill: Goodrich’s Seafood, Atlantis Bistro, JB Fish Camp & Restaurant, JC’s Riptides, Steve’s Famous Diner


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